Why Roofing is a Dangerous Job

Everyone needs a roofer, because everyone has a roof in their homes that needs to be fixed or cleaned. At some point of our life, we will experience leaks or damages to our roof and we can only call a roofer. It’s a job that others don’t care about or a job that anyone could do. There’s a lot of dangerous stigma that surrounds the job of a roofer, as if it’s a super easy job.  


A job like Maui roofing is not easy, it’s physically demanding as it is intellectually. People who think that you don’t have to be smart to become a roofer can suck it and fix their roofs by themselves. It’s one of the most dangerous jobs in the world for a reason. If you’re one of the people who don’t see it as dangerous as such, then read this article.  

Risk of Falling 

Part of being a roof is 99% being on the roof, installing a new one or repairing an old one. When you’re up there, whether the weather is good or not, there’s always a risk of falling off and having serious injuries. Expert roofers or newbie roofers have experiences of almost dying because the job is obviously dangerous. 34% of falling injuries are because of falling off the roof while doing the roofing job.  

There are at least 32 fatalities per 100,000 workers that’s why it’s the 6th dangerous job in America. By looking at the roofers, other people think that it’s an easy job. We might think that there are only few roofers, but the number of fatalities says otherwise and prove that roofing is a dangerous profession.  

Even though the roofers are wearing something to protect themselves, they still fall off. It’s because they also deal with a lot of roofing equipment making it a more dangerous job than ever.  

Roofs are Unsafe 

Well, roofs are unsafe so being up there worsens the safety of the roofer. When the roof has a problem like missing shingles and other things, roofers have to look for it and fix it. If they are not careful when they’re doing that, they could injure themselves when they fall off. If there’s a big damage done, they could even fall off through the house.  

Stigma and Perception About Roofers 

People think that being a roofing contractor is an easy task. The risks and dangers it has cause it to become a dangerous job which needs skills and concentration. An inexperienced worker might have a bad perception about going up there, losing their balance and fall down. People can also become scared of heights causing their legs to lose balance. See, it’s different when you’re up there and fixing roofs. Roofs are never flat so obviously it’s not easy to work with.  

There are also other things that happen when you’re up there and do the roofing work. It’s physically and intellectually a demanding job. You have to be present-minded and also healthy because tiredness and malnutrition might affect you and make you fall off.  

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