Why Roofing is a Dangerous Job

Everyone needs a roofer, because everyone has a roof in their homes that needs to be fixed or cleaned. At some point of our life, we will experience leaks or damages to our roof and we can only call a roofer. It’s a job that others don’t care about or a job that anyone could do. There’s a lot of dangerous stigma that surrounds the job of a roofer, as if it’s a super easy job.  


A job like Maui roofing is not easy, it’s physically demanding as it is intellectually. People who think that you don’t have to be smart to become a roofer can suck it and fix their roofs by themselves. It’s one of the most dangerous jobs in the world for a reason. If you’re one of the people who don’t see it as dangerous as such, then read this article.  

Risk of Falling 

Part of being a roof is 99% being on the roof, installing a new one or repairing an old one. When you’re up there, whether the weather is good or not, there’s always a risk of falling off and having serious injuries. Expert roofers or newbie roofers have experiences of almost dying because the job is obviously dangerous. 34% of falling injuries are because of falling off the roof while doing the roofing job.  

There are at least 32 fatalities per 100,000 workers that’s why it’s the 6th dangerous job in America. By looking at the roofers, other people think that it’s an easy job. We might think that there are only few roofers, but the number of fatalities says otherwise and prove that roofing is a dangerous profession.  

Even though the roofers are wearing something to protect themselves, they still fall off. It’s because they also deal with a lot of roofing equipment making it a more dangerous job than ever.  

Roofs are Unsafe 

Well, roofs are unsafe so being up there worsens the safety of the roofer. When the roof has a problem like missing shingles and other things, roofers have to look for it and fix it. If they are not careful when they’re doing that, they could injure themselves when they fall off. If there’s a big damage done, they could even fall off through the house.  

Stigma and Perception About Roofers 

People think that being a roofing contractor is an easy task. The risks and dangers it has cause it to become a dangerous job which needs skills and concentration. An inexperienced worker might have a bad perception about going up there, losing their balance and fall down. People can also become scared of heights causing their legs to lose balance. See, it’s different when you’re up there and fixing roofs. Roofs are never flat so obviously it’s not easy to work with.  

There are also other things that happen when you’re up there and do the roofing work. It’s physically and intellectually a demanding job. You have to be present-minded and also healthy because tiredness and malnutrition might affect you and make you fall off.  


How to Hire a Roofing Contractor

If you’re fixing a roof leak, or if you’re installing a new roof, don’t ever think of doing it by yourself unless you are a roofer and has the proper equipment. Roofing job is not an easy job, it takes skills and necessary knowledge to fix, repair and install a new roof. That’s why choosing and hiring a commercial roofing contractor is confusing and challenging at the same time. That’s why we made a list for you so you can get the service you deserve and what you paid for.  

 Roofing Contractor

  • Ask for the Insurance 

Once you’re done with your research and referrals, make a list of your prospect contractors. Ask each of them about their insurance, because insurance is a must. Ask them to show you their certificate and call the insurance carrier to confirm their certification. This is important so you would know that part of the cost is protected with a security of coverage.  

  • Choose a Local Contactor 

The best company to hire is a local one. Hiring a contractor in your locality will give you an idea if they have already established reputation and business in your community. There are customers in the past that complained that their warranty vanished or moved. We like to highlight the fact that the warranty of the company is as good as their reputation.  

  • Experience 

We’ve heard this many times, experience is everything. It’s something that money cannot buy in an instant. Skills and experience are learned through time, in a hard way. If you interview a contactor or a company, ask how long they have been in the business and how many projects they have worked on. The more experienced they are, the better the result of the project will be.  

  • Price Is Not Everything 

Although your budget should not be taken lightly, do not choose the contractor based on its price. Cheap offers might lead to more problems in the future. Like we said, you’ll get what you pay for. Those customers who chose a contractor solely based on its price ended up spending more on fixing roofing problems. You won’t experience such problems in the future if you hire a respectable company. You can also ask for the company’s written estimate so you can compare them with the other companies and see who among them have suspected prices.  

  • Avoid Storm Chasers 

Do not choose a roofer who comes knocking at door asking you if you’re looking for a roofer. If you are ever approached by one, call an agent if the roofer is recommended or not. Most often than not, these “roofers” claim to have the skills and can be paid on the cheap price. That should be a warning for you. That’s why you have to do some research first before you pick the right roofer.  

  • Get the Details of the Job 

It’s important to get the details of the job, in writing. This way you would know that you get what you pay for. Do not make payments unless you see that you get what you are promised.  


Types of Roofing You Can Choose From

If you’re currently on the process of building your dream house or remodeling your current house, you’re probably thinking of a new type of roofing that suits it best. There are a lot of things you should consider when you think of the new roofing system, it’s not just about aesthetics it’s about functionality. You wouldn’t want to wake up one day with a leaking roof right?  


There are many types of roofing that you can choose from, and it’s better to consult roofing contractors in Maui for professional opinion. If you don’t know anything about roofing, see a professional and don’t do rush decision because it will affect your home in the long run. The following are the types of roofing so you should have an idea what they are.  

  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing

This roofing system is common and we can popular to roofers and homeowners alike. It’s because it’s inexpensive and durable at the same time, which is a good and wise decision for family who earns average income. If you’re also into aesthetics, asphalt shingles come with variety of styles and colors. You are not constricted in a box where you can only pick from 5 shades; you can pick whatever color you want.  

Asphalt shingles is also pretty to install and big news, it suits wide range of temperature, and is even waterproof. We already mentioned it’s durable, because it really is. It has a service life of about 20 years on average. It depends if you live in an area where extreme temperature exists.  

  • Slate and Tile Roof Shingles

For an upscale home with a sophisticated look, slate is what you should be probably looking at. It has a natural appearance and a life expectancy of 100 years. It could be costly, but owners of upscale home can surely afford it. It is also resistant to fire rot, that’s why its durability is long. Slate is pretty difficult to install, so a professional with experiences on slate should be called to do the job.  

  • Metal Roofing

Metal shingles are low maintenance, that’s why it becomes viable on the market today. It’s also lightweight and environmentally friendly, so you wouldn’t worry not much on maintenance clean-up and harmful effects. As long as it’s in a good shape, you can always repaint it when it looses it shine.  

  • Flat Roof 

Installing a flat roof might require a great deal of maintenance. The debris and leaves might clog the drain so you always have to clean it, and to also ensure it stays watertight. The roof is vulnerable to damage if your location is exposed to too cold or too hot.  

  • Wood Shakes 

If you wanted a more green-friendly roofing choice, you can opt for wood shake shingles. The roofing is harvested in an environment friendly way. It produces a minimal impact on the environment and has a life expectancy of 30 years which makes it a good investment too.